Viewpoints from health organizations on the role of complementary energy therapies:


- Canadian Cancer Society

CATIE (HIV and Hepatitis C information)

Myeloma Canada

CARNA (College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta)

APA (American Psychological Association)

-University of London, Department of Psychology (2011 study on Reiki effect on mood and well-being).

Permanente (Major U.S. hospital centre)


-U.S. Military (Reiki used for PTSD treatment)






 A typical session lasts approximately 90 minutes from arrival to departure, but a distance session may run slightly shorter.

 Beside Reiki and Tibetan energies, Wisdomfire also offers Quantum Touch and additional energy techniques depending on the client's therapeutic needs and goals.

Energy therapies are ideal for anyone looking for a gentle, deeply relaxing and natural method to reduce stress and support transition and growth.

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What is Energy Therapy?

Vital energy, also called Ki or Universal Energy, flows through the body and all living things. Ki supports good health when abundant and circulating freely, but daily stress and emotional events can block or deplete Ki, and this is believed to contribute to emotional or physical illness. A holistic energy therapy restores and rebalances life energy to increase well-being and reduce stress. This supports and accelerates an individual's self-healing process or helps reduce symptoms.




Like meditation, energy therapy has been studied in labs and hospitals, and more medical doctors and nurses around the world embrace its value as a complementary (adjunct) therapy for their patients. It is gentle yet powerful and can help palliate symptoms in many chronic conditions where restoration of a sense of well-being is precious and a factor in healing.The best-known energy therapy is Reiki, which originated in Japan (Rei = spirit, and Ki = universal energy). Energy masters may offer clients more than one modality to match the client's therapeutic goals; addressing the roots of insomnia or physical symptoms may require multiple approaches, for example.




A certified energy master applies their hands gently to the clothed client and transfers and guides energy systematically to defined positions on the head and body that cover chakras (energy centres), as well organs and nerve centres. This gentle touch has additional therapeutic effects, but treatment without hands-on contact is possible, as well as long-distance treatment. Generally the therapy takes place in silence although music is often played. The focus is on the client's comfort and deep relaxation.

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