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  • "I was diagnosed with a L4/L5 stenosis and a L5/S1 herniation. I had permanent pins and needles sensations in my left leg, used a cane daily, and walking, sitting, laying down, and (shudder) public transit were often all excruciating. I lived with this for almost a year and was waiting for neurosurgery when I saw Dawn for a session. I’d never tried energy work and didn’t get my hopes up. What happened was an incredibly relaxing session from which I got up so deeply rested and calm it was like floating. The pain was much less and until my surgery a few weeks later, I only had one acute twinge of pain when I overdid it one day. Dawn does fantastic work and I recommend her services." - Bethan


  • "Powerful and very positive experience. Thank you Dawn."
    - Mai Nguyen


  • "Depuis un certain temps, je me suis retrouvé à passer un moment difficile de la vie. À la recherche de support, je me suis tourné, en premier lieu, vers un psychologue, qui m’a permis d’exprimer ce que je ressentais. Bien que ce processus fût démarré, je me sentais beaucoup plus fébrile et émotionnel. Grâce aux sessions avec Dawn, mon rétablissement a pris le devant et, en peu de temps, je me suis remis. Ce fut un support inestimable." - André 


  • "Dawn is a miracle worker. There is no other term which best describes her ability to heal your soul. I always look forward to our sessions together... the adventures have made me wiser and calmer." - Elisabetta di Fusco


  • "Je travaille comme membre d'équipe dans une petite entreprise ou la maladie peut gravement affecter notre état de marche. Un matin je suis rentrée malade au travail car il n'y avait aucun remplacement disponible à cette heure-là. Dawn a été une de mes collègues et je savais qu'elle était Maître Reiki. Il restait seulement quelques minutes avant que mes tâches commençaient, et elle m'a offert quelques minutes d'énergies pour m'aider à continuer. Mêmes ces quelques minutes m'avaient aidé énormément, ça dépassaient mes attentes car les symptômes de nausée et déséquilibre sont beaucoup baissés et j'étais capable de continuer avec beaucoup plus de force. Je recommande ses services d'énergie." - Y.S.


  • "Dawn is very empathetic about people's needs and state of mind. I felt at ease right away, considering it was my first time trying Reiki. She guided me to tune in to my state of body and soul, so that my healing through anxiety and depression was much more efficient alongside my psychotherapy. She helped me help myself. She is a caring soul who is also an expert of her craft. I am very grateful that I have found her on my path of healing. I highly recommend her."
    - K. Ruiz Diaz


  • "Mes quelques expériences avec Dawn en Reiki ont été convaincantes et remplies de lumière et d'écoute. Son sourire contagieux nous fait du bien dès notre arrivée chez elle.

    Dawn prend le temps de nous écouter pour saisir exactement ce dont nous avons besoin.  Pour moi, elle est une maître de l'écoute et du non-jugement, c'est une grande <âme> qui est connectée directement avec la bonté et l'amour de soi et des autres. Elle m'aide à me recentrer sur l'essentiel de la vie, tout en douceur et dans le respect de qui je suis. Merci pour cette belle énergie contagieuse et pour m'avoir aider à plusieurs reprises à me recentrer et m'aider à y voir plus clair dans les périodes plus difficiles de la vie... Merci Dawn! " - Marie L.


  • "There are some people who go through life not listening to what you say, not picking up on important nuances, and missing things you were not meant to miss.

    Dawn is not one of those people. She will pick up on cues, non-verbal communication, notions that your body is harboring that you aren’t even aware of, and balances them. And after the session, you can sit and discuss. And if you are willing to listen, you will gain something in life that you were not meant to miss." - Krista S.


  • "Having an energy healing session with Dawn is a soulfully healing session, in the best of multi-dimensional and multi-sensory of ways. She is thorough, professional, compassionate, caring and incredibly intuitive with the blend of various healing modality techniques that she employs. Her session helped me to reconnect to my own soul self and my own shining Inner Light. I also came away with some solid, concrete tools to help me to continue the healing process on my own. Highly recommended. Thank you, Dawn." :) ♥
    - Aurora North (Soulful Traveler)


  • "I was initially quite skeptical about Reiki and had no idea what effect (if any) it might have on my anxiety, depression and chronic pain issues (fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy). In fact, given that I’m not a particularly spiritual person, I had some doubts as to whether Reiki would work on me at all. Don’t you need to believe in energy and crystals and such in order for this kind of treatment to work? Well, after my first session with Dawn, I had no more doubts. It works. 

    Reiki sessions with Dawn leave me feeling lighter and looser, both physically and mentally. The tension in my neck, shoulders and lower back is greatly reduced and my chronic pain levels drop and remain lowered for up to two weeks. In the days following a session I find that my thought processes are clearer and I have a much easier time dealing with conflict and the everyday stresses that trigger my anxiety. The treatment space is bright and airy, with lots of natural light, a comfortable massage table and a wide selection of ambient sounds/music to choose from. 

    I really appreciate the thoroughness of both the pre- and post-session care. Dawn does an excellent job when it comes to asking the right questions and discussing the goals I’d like to set for a particular session. She’s very open and expressive during the post session “debriefing” (as I like to call it). She’ll tell me what impressions she got and more often than not I’ll have a lovely “ah ha” moment when what she says meshes perfectly with my own impressions." - Nicole de Groot

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